World EASY x5000 Launch

First server EASY x5000 - 7 DECEMBER !


per hour and per automatic events

FIRST 100 Player

get 500 silk for free!

# Botting is allowed , HWID Limit 8 & IP-Limit 8 Accounts.
# Proxy is forbidden 1=1Day Ban / 2=3Day Ban / 3=Perm Ban
# The Team should be treated with respect! Rules must be followed!
# Be friendly and try to act mature.
# Dont ask GM for Gold or Items.
# Items selling for real money is not allowed.
# Account trading & selling ingame for gold or silk is allowed.
# For Trades, you can ask GMs for being Middleman so you can't become scammed.
# Do not advertise for other sites/servers. -> Permanent ban!
# Multi Clients are allowed (max. 4).
# You are allowed to go to the Fortress War with 1 Char.
# Do not abuse any bug or use hacks! (Bots / Petfilter are allowed.*
# AFK Trade Bot is not allowed!
# We take the right to ban and delete your account at any time.
# Do not cheat at the BA or CTF-Event (multichars or joining a party from the opponent team)!
# Recharge back will be reward Perm Ban!
# Murder on Events is not allowed!
# All people are equal!
# Everyone has the right to the truth.
# You have the right to tell your own opinion.
# You have the right to make suggestions.
# You have the right to report anyone.
# Everyone has the right to play the game as he want, as long the rules are respected.
# You can ask the Staff Members any questions as long it's not completely useless.
# By donating to us you certify that you are 18 years or older.
# By donating you're supporting this server. In return, you will be rewarded.
# We do not give any refund for whatever reason it can be.
# The staff is not responsible for user mistakes, such as buying the wrong item, getting scammed by other players, alchemy mistakes and such.
# Bug or exploit abusers will get banned. If you find such things, better report it to the GM's directly at the Live Support & Discord via Private message.
# Do not share your ID or password with anyone, complaints about hacking account won't get any support from the staff. It is your responsability to keep your account info safe.
# For better communication and understanding certain situations, talk to GMs in German/English.
# Not knowing and or not reading these rules is not an excuse.
# Notice. If you see someone violating this rules, please take a Screenshot or Video as a proof, and report them in Live Support & Discord. Only unedited Screenshots (this includes the filename) are approved as a proof, reports with edited screenshots or without proof will be meaningless and you might get a warning/ban for false report.
# We reserve the right to edit these rules at any time without prior notice, so please check this sometimes.